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Music Releases 03-31-23

Artist Title Price Video
The New Pornographers Continue As A Guest [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Opaque Green/Translucent Blue LP] New Vinyl: $22.98
The Who The Who - With Orchestra Live At Wembley [3LP] New Vinyl: $59.98
Denzel Curry UNLOCKED [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Purple Haze LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
City And Colour The Love Still Held Me Near [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Milky Clear/White Galaxy 2LP] New Vinyl: $35.98
Meshuggah Obzen: 15th Anniversary Remastered Edition [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Black/White LP] New Vinyl: $32.98
A Certain Ratio 1982 [Limited Edition Smokey Marbled LP] New Vinyl: $35.98
Frank Zappa Zappa ’80: Munich [3LP] New Vinyl: $59.98
Frank Zappa Zappa ’80: Mudd Club [2LP] New Vinyl: $49.99
Ghost If You Have Ghost [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Translucent Yellow LP] New Vinyl: $22.98
Ghost Meliora [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Coke Bottle Clear LP] New Vinyl: $25.99
Deerhoof Miracle-Level [White LP] New Vinyl: $25.98
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Tilt At The Wind No More New CD: $13.98
MF DOOM Operation: Doomsday [2LP] New Vinyl: $34.98
You Me At Six Truth Decay [LP] New Vinyl: $26.98
Everclear The Very Best Of [Limited Edition Yellow/Black Splatter LP] New Vinyl: $32.98
Scott Mcmicken & The Ever-Expanding Shabang New CD: $13.98
The Rolling Stones Aftermath (US) [LP] New Vinyl: $29.99
Britney Spears …Baby One More Time [LP] New Vinyl: $25.98
Surf Curse Buds [LP] New Vinyl: $20.98
The Zombies Different Game [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Cyan Blue LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
Boy Named Banjo Circles EP [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Whiskey Smoke Vinyl] New Vinyl: $19.98
The Bar Stool Preachers Above The Static [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Half Black/Half White Splatter LP] New Vinyl: $27.98
Archetypes Collide Archetypes Collide New CD: $12.98
Ad Infinitum Chapter III - Downfall [LP] New Vinyl: $23.98
Iggy and The Stooges Raw Power [RSD Essential Gold 2LP] New Vinyl: $39.99
Tomahawk Tomahawk [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Smoke Opaque Brown LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Tomahawk Oddfellows [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Purple LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Upstate You Only Get A Few [LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Barrie 5K EP [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Goldfish Vinyl] New Vinyl: $20.98
KMD Black Bastards [Red 2LP] New Vinyl: $37.98
Samiam Stowaway [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Yellow/Orange LP] New Vinyl: $25.98
Altin Gun ask [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Ghostly Orange LP] New Vinyl: $23.98
Talbot, Molina, Lofgren, & Young All Roads Lead Home [LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Murray A. Lightburn Once Upon A Time In Montréal New Vinyl: $24.98
Lauren Morrow People Talk [Opaque Purple LP] New Vinyl: $20.99
Isaiah Rashad The House Is Burning [LP] New Vinyl: $21.98
Cavetown worm food [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Evergreen Galaxy LP with Alternate Cover] New Vinyl: $24.98
Crown Lands Fearless [Rotoscope Deluxe Red/Orange LP] New Vinyl: $49.99
London Brew London Brew [2CD] New CD: $19.98

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